Life is Precious, Choose Life!
Viet Respect Life:
Viet Respect Life was formed in October 2003 with Gianna Beretta Molla as our patron Saint. We cooperate with Life Centers of Orange County and Birth Choice Centers. The well trained female counselors are on 24 hour hotlines, offering support to pregnant women in crisis who may call at any time and from anywhere in the United States. Under God's Grace and with the assistance of our spiritual advisors, sponsors, and supporter, we have saved many lives, restored marital relationships, and converted many souls to the Catholic faith.

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Cứu Mạng Thai Nhi
Our Mission:

- We strive to serve Vietnamese women with unexpected pregnancies.
- Our goal is to protect the unborn in a loving, personal, non-judgmental,
and strictly confidential way.
What We Do:

- Provide pregnant women a basic concept about the development of the
unborn baby.
- Advise pregnant women about the dangers and consequences of abortion.
- Support and aid during pregnancy for pregnant women.
- Provide a safe environment and peace of mind so pregnant women will
be able to care for the developing baby.